Operating System:

MacOSX 10.4.11 [Supported]

Lepard 10.5.2 [Supported]

Lepard 10.5.5 [Untested]

Windows XP x86 SP3 [Supported]

Windows Vista SP1 (Sorry, Alpha version of windows is not supported)

Windows7 beta build 7057 [Supported]

Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop [Supported]

OpenSUSE 11.1 KDE4 [Supported]

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 [Untested]

File Format Support:

DNA Strider 1.2.1 classic .SEQ  [Open Only]

DNA Strider .DNAS [Supported]

Fasta .fasta  [Open Only]

VectorNTI .ma4 [Open and Export]

Gene Bank .gb [Open Only]

Applied Biosystem Sequencing file .ab1 [Open Only]


Translation Three Reading Frame [Supported]

Reverse and Complentry [Supported]

Restriction Summary [Supported]

Restriction Graphic [Supported]

Search in sequence [Supported]

Restriction Flagment [Not Yet]

Restriction Map [Supported]

Silent Mutation Search [Not Yet]

PCR Oligo Design [Not Yet]

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