DNAStrider Data Server LabHome preview version 0.00.02 for XP is released!
Release Note 1.59.2 for MacOSX DNA Strider for MacOSX is actually there.
Apr 14

DNAStrider Data Server LabHome is designed to store plasmid sequence information in centrolized server so that lab user running DNAStrider for windows XP, Linux or MacOSX can open, store and share plasmid sequence information easyly.

LabHome is also a homepage for labortory. It is easy to install and easy to use online editing homepage system and have great potential to expand to an platform for lab manager system.

DNAStrider 1.60 plan to support open and save plasmid information in LabHome Server.

Please visit http://labhome.sourceforge.net/wordpress/ for demo

http://sourceforge.net/projects/labhome/ for download.

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