Release Note 1.59.2 for MacOSX
Release Note 1.59.0 for Windows XP DNAStrider Data Server LabHome preview version 0.00.02 for XP is released!
Apr 02

1. Add support for restriction map.
2. Add support for restriction map print.
3. Add link to DNAStrider wiki.
4. Bug fix solved the version number didn’t show up in about box.
5. Bug fix solved the inconvince when click on restriction graphic
6. Correct spelling mistake for reverse,complenment, calculator.
7. Change menu item “Restriction Map” to “Print Restriction Map” and move to file menu
8. Change Menu item “print” to “Print Restriction Graphic” under File menu.
9. Bug fix and improved Print Restriction Graphic function.
10. Removed the requirement for addition of “.SEQ” after the Classic DNAStrider files. But Addition of “.SEQ” is still recommended.

Recommended to updrade.

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