Release Note 1.58.1 for macosx
Release Note 1.58 Release Note 1.59.0 for Windows XP
Mar 21

Finally get my hand on a macbook pro. The new release is based on windows version 1.58 and add support for .ab1 file format. 

1. fixed the bug that close file and close all do not work as it should have.

2. fixed the bug that different file format don’t have different icon. Add support for double click the file and open with DNAStrider. You may need to choose application and check “alway open with” and then select the DNAStrider program.

3. All three  application for Intel, PPC,  and Universal is packed in one package, just select the right one to use.

4. whatever change is made in 1.58. Mac user skipped 1.58.0, so this release combined the change made in 1.58.0.

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