Release Note 1.58
DNAStrider now runs on Linux for sure. Release Note 1.58.1 for macosx
Mar 17

DNAStrider is now released. Currently windows verion only. Linux version will be out soon. Mac version will take a while until I can borrow a macbook pro.

VectorNTI is ending its Academic license program, but don’t panic, with DNAStrider1.58, you can use DEMO version of VectorNTI just fine. New function will come out soon to get your DNA sequence out of the VectorNTI database and convert it to VectorNTI sequence that works in DEMO mode.

Change log:

1. Add Support for import VectorNTI archive .ma4 format. Multiple sequence in one archive is supported.
2. Add Support for import GeneBank .gb format.
3. Add sequence search function.
4. Bug fix for reverse and complementry function window open issues.
5. Bug fix for multiple document handle issues.
6. Bug fix for sequence scroll bar scroll issues.
7. Bug fix for Restriction Graphic refresh issues.
8. Add support for select sequence by click on Restriction Graphic.

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