DNAStrider now runs on Linux for sure.
Donation is now accepted. Release Note 1.58
Mar 15

The old linux file named as DNAStrider_Linux1.57 that “Realbasic for Lepard” compiles automatically will not work for sure. The newly updated DNAStrider 1.57.1_Linux.zip should works on OpenSUSE 11.1 KDE4 and Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop. The Zip file included binary file, source code, database file, sample pcDNA3.SEQ file.

For Linux users, the extention name are case senstive. So add .SEQ to the end of classic DNAStrider files.

If the program does not run after extract from the zip file, right click on DNAStrider program file and choose property. Then under Permission tag, check allow the execute the program.

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