Mouse Colony Database released!
LabHome 0.2 alpha released.
May 03

Mouse colony Database module released! It will be part of LabHome project,  right now, it is fully function as a stand alone program.

Mouse Colony Management Software

It is aimed to help molecular biology and genetics laboratory to keep track of their mice. It is developed in a mouse genetics lab and get tons of feed back from those people actually use it to maintain their mouse colonies.


System requirement:

Windows XP and above
Microsoft Office 2007 and above

This is stand alone version, which means all your data is stored in this file. It is modified from a SQL Server version which store all data in a server. SQL server version is faster, stable, hold more data and center all your data in one server. However, installation and configuration of SQL server version may be challenging. Therefore, before we develop a fully automated installation program for SQL server (or MYSQL) version, we release the stand alone version first.

Initialize the Database

There are some table you need add data manually to initialize the database.
1. Building Table
Add Building name, usually the name of the building you keep the mice, can be any names.
Add Room Name, usually is the room number, sometimes it is useful to know which room the mice located

2 Mouse People
Add all the information for people working in the lab, if everyone use different database file,
just add the user of that database file will be good enough.
You have to add room number for each people. Or the program will have error message.

3.Mouse strains
You can add all the mouse strain information here.
the database get the mouse strain information from this table.
if you don’t have any strain information here, there will be no strain option when you change mice information.

4. PCR_Mark
You need add all mice marker information here so that the genotype system will work.
For p53-/- mice, genotype is p53KO-/-, p53KO is the marker, score is -/-
For p53ER/- mice, genotype is p53ERm/-, p53ER is the marker, score is m/- or ER/-

Get started

a. Start with add outsource mice to add mice that you get from other people.
b. then setup matting cage using the outsource mice as parent.
c. then view the matting cage by the cage id, add new litter, make sure you record dead mice number,
it might be useful in the future.
d. use view litter or cage infor to change the sex of the mice
e. use view litter to change mice genotype.
f. you can print cage card, make sure you set the paper to index card size, and use index card as paper.
g. Do not add record directly to the table besides those mentioned in initialization section.

Send email to if you run into problems.

If you like our program, please donate! It certainly motivates us to spend more time to make the program user friendly and easier to use.

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