LabHome 0.2 alpha released.
ApE, a free, great replacement for DNA Strider, and cross-platform. Mouse Colony Database released!
May 01
Lab Home is a program package that is intergated together so that it is extreamly easy for PI to change to content of their lab website. You have new paper published or you have student graduated or postdoc find a facuty job that you want to update on your website, but as we all know, write html webpage and ftp upload to server is a painful process for biologist because our training is basically incompatable with computer systems.
Want a homepage for your lab to attract more innocent new graduate student and postdocs? Build website is too difficult for your? Sure, you can hire and computer tech to do it, or you can use that part of grant money to buy a computer for everybody in your lab and do it yourselves. All you need to know is some computer basics.
Lab Home choose wordpress as backbone of the website simply because user can just login to the website and change the content on the webpage. It is as easy as using Microsoft Word if it is not easier. We also choose apache friends XAMPP as server end because their installation are extreamly easy, and all the powerful system are combined and can be presetuped for you.

Default password for admin is labhome for labhome 0.1, please change the password to whatever you wanted to be. However, this password will not working for this website for security reasons, but feel free to register an account and add some post to get some feeling how easy it is to edit lab home contents.

Release note 0.1.0

1. apache mysql filzilla packaging kit XAMPP upgrade to 1.7.3
2. Website engine WordPress upgrade to 2.9.2.
3. Default theme for WordPress changed to Carrington Blog 2.2 by Crowd Favorite
4. The following plugins installed by default:
Avatars Version 7.5 | By Peter Sterling
Calendar Press Version 0.1.0 | By GrandSlambert
Editor Extender Version 0.1 | By Benjamin Sterling
Galleria WP Version 1.2.5 | By Y2 (Yokoyama Yasuaki)
NextGEN Gallery Version 1.5.3 | By Alex Rabe
Photo Galleria Version 0.2.8 | By Thad Allender
TinyMCE Advanced Version 3.2.7 | By Andrew Ozz
WordPress Wiki Version 0.8 | By Instinct Entertainment
WP-Print Version 2.50 | By Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan
WP Forum Server Version 1.4 | By VastHTML
5. Refbase 0.9.5 was used and intergrated with additional function to search and import from NCBI that is not available from orginal refbase.
6. Installation guide was added.
This release may be a little buggy, but it should do it’s job, you can use it as lab website. This functional version is still for demostration perpose only althought it is a pretty good website already. The later version will not be able to upgrade from this version, so be prepared to redo all these setting later. Try this product at your own risk because I will take no responsibility for any kind of data lost. I’m sure your are somewhat prepared for this because this product is totally free of charge for acadamic use.
Sorry for my bad English,
Yizhou Joseph He

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