2009 April
Apr 28

I recently get response from Dr. Dennis J. Templeton that the original DNA Strider develope by Dr. Marck is updated to MacOSX (1.4f6). Therefore, there is no need for my DNAStrider project to go on. And it is not appropriate for us to continue use DNAStrider and the icon for our project. I will pause the update untill there is further need. I will focus on the development of LabHome project and may change DNAStrider as client of LabHome server.

For DNA Strider lovers, you can obtain the OSX version of DNA Strider from Dr. Marck. This is Dr. Marck’s address, from a 2008 publication:


It may cost about $200 or so according to Dr. Dennis J. Templeton. There is no website for DNA Strider, so please send Dr. Marck an email.

Thank you all for your support. Please leave you comments and thoughts on our website or send me an email at


Yizhou Joseph He

Apr 14

DNAStrider Data Server LabHome is designed to store plasmid sequence information in centrolized server so that lab user running DNAStrider for windows XP, Linux or MacOSX can open, store and share plasmid sequence information easyly.

LabHome is also a homepage for labortory. It is easy to install and easy to use online editing homepage system and have great potential to expand to an platform for lab manager system.

DNAStrider 1.60 plan to support open and save plasmid information in LabHome Server.

Please visit http://labhome.sourceforge.net/wordpress/ for demo

http://sourceforge.net/projects/labhome/ for download.

Apr 02

1. Add support for restriction map.
2. Add support for restriction map print.
3. Add link to DNAStrider wiki.
4. Bug fix solved the version number didn’t show up in about box.
5. Bug fix solved the inconvince when click on restriction graphic
6. Correct spelling mistake for reverse,complenment, calculator.
7. Change menu item “Restriction Map” to “Print Restriction Map” and move to file menu
8. Change Menu item “print” to “Print Restriction Graphic” under File menu.
9. Bug fix and improved Print Restriction Graphic function.
10. Removed the requirement for addition of “.SEQ” after the Classic DNAStrider files. But Addition of “.SEQ” is still recommended.

Recommended to updrade.