2009 March
Mar 28

1. Add support for restriction map.

2. Add support for restriction map print.

3. Add link to DNAStrider wiki.

4. Bug fix solved the version number didn’t show up in about box.

5. Bug fix solved the inconvince when click on restriction graphic

Mar 21

Finally get my hand on a macbook pro. The new release is based on windows version 1.58 and add support for .ab1 file format. 

1. fixed the bug that close file and close all do not work as it should have.

2. fixed the bug that different file format don’t have different icon. Add support for double click the file and open with DNAStrider. You may need to choose application and check “alway open with” and then select the DNAStrider program.

3. All three  application for Intel, PPC,  and Universal is packed in one package, just select the right one to use.

4. whatever change is made in 1.58. Mac user skipped 1.58.0, so this release combined the change made in 1.58.0.

Mar 17

DNAStrider is now released. Currently windows verion only. Linux version will be out soon. Mac version will take a while until I can borrow a macbook pro.

VectorNTI is ending its Academic license program, but don’t panic, with DNAStrider1.58, you can use DEMO version of VectorNTI just fine. New function will come out soon to get your DNA sequence out of the VectorNTI database and convert it to VectorNTI sequence that works in DEMO mode.

Change log:

1. Add Support for import VectorNTI archive .ma4 format. Multiple sequence in one archive is supported.
2. Add Support for import GeneBank .gb format.
3. Add sequence search function.
4. Bug fix for reverse and complementry function window open issues.
5. Bug fix for multiple document handle issues.
6. Bug fix for sequence scroll bar scroll issues.
7. Bug fix for Restriction Graphic refresh issues.
8. Add support for select sequence by click on Restriction Graphic.

Mar 15

The old linux file named as DNAStrider_Linux1.57 that “Realbasic for Lepard” compiles automatically will not work for sure. The newly updated DNAStrider 1.57.1_Linux.zip should works on OpenSUSE 11.1 KDE4 and Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop. The Zip file included binary file, source code, database file, sample pcDNA3.SEQ file.

For Linux users, the extention name are case senstive. So add .SEQ to the end of classic DNAStrider files.

If the program does not run after extract from the zip file, right click on DNAStrider program file and choose property. Then under Permission tag, check allow the execute the program.

Mar 13

I don’t have mac yet. The current development is on PC. Realbasic program runs a little differently between PC and Mac, so every time I need to borrow a mac for a few hours to modify and compile the program.

Different Mac also support program differently. The mac that I can borrow runs Lepard 10.5.2 intel. So I really have no control of the quailty the program runs on other platforms.

The Donation money will be used to buy a mac for development and test. Please note the mac model you would like me to buy. I will make decision based on the vote.

Support This Project

Mar 13

1.  Add function for reverse and complementary.

2.  Add function for restriction summary order by number of cut, the old function was renamed to restriction summary order by enzyme name.

3.  Support for multi-document open at the same time.

4.  Now use open to import dnastrider classic file. Make sure you add “.SEQ” at the end of your old DNA Strider file name so that DNA strider can reconize it as classic file format.

5.  Add support for fasta format.

6.  Bug fix.